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About Us

We are a group of Australian young men and women, who are firmly convinced that the chains of oppression and poverty can be broken through many factors,But chief and one of the most important emancipatory process is through the intervention in the process of Educating the young minds. Education liberates and empowers.We wish to alleviate the clutches of poverty and the heartaches of the less fortunate youth of Asia through our empathetic and compassionate approach. Though we are a group of Catholic youth inspired by the Compassionate heart of Jesus Christ,the Good shepherd, our members are also from other faiths and no faiths as well. The humane compassionate heart of all of us becomes the cornerstone of our Empathetic Educational assistance and sustenance for the well being of young people, which in turn can create a peaceful and joyful world of youth and a better world. Our compassionate service is not just limited to youth belonging to any particular Faith. On the contrary we wish and aim to EMPATHISE TO EMPOWER, young people of all faith in need, which would certainly comprise of all the members of the various faiths in the length and breadth of India from Mumbai to Kanyakumari. We are a charitable institution registered under the ACNC. Hence we are monitored and audited by the Australian government authorities.


The world stands in need of many hands to wipe the tears of the poor and the disadvantaged young people. Young people have so many dreams, but they have very little support, especially economical means to convert all their dreams into realities for themselves for the bright future of humanity. Education can serve as the best means to help them to help themselves to break the chains of oppression and ignorance. Hence we wish to EDUCATE by EMPATHISING and we EMPATHISE by EDUCATING.


Every cent in to the hands of the beneficiary. We wish to do this by paying the fees of the beneficiary directly into the Educational institutions, not routing through any other channels, which sometimes filters the quantity and quality of your generosity and compassion. We utilize a methodology of  ‘YOUTH FOR YOUTH.” In which our young people from Australia will be able to meet their counterparts in India, who will be the best instruments of selecting and discerning the needs of the most disadvantaged from the poorest educational institutions and voluntarily monitoring the progress and implementation of every cent of your loving compassion in letter and in spirit. In this process of EMPAHISING TO EMPOWER our young people will also be mutually enriched and enjoy the joy of fulfillment in sharing their heart’s compassion.

Accountability and Transparency.